Mirror, mirror, on the wall: Who's the cutest of them all?

#CuteOff - the latest hashtag by a series of magazines, journals, and newspapers. It's time for Unifiniti to join the fun, too!

We invite you to choose between these 5 cute animals - it's up to you to choose the winner! Whichever animal gets more pins wins!

1. Duckling

Not yet ugly, are you? Instead of the Ugly Duckling, they shoulda called him the "Cutest Duckling" - oh wait, the Ugly Duckling was a swan!

2. Hedgehog

Not quite Sonic, yet, are you? Still, you're a lot cuter...

3. Kitten

You can't escape the cute cat photos! The bubbles in the background only serve to make him even more cute.

4. The Cutest little dogs you'll ever meet.

5. Elephants!

In addition to being one of the smartest mammals on earth, the elephant is also one of the cutest mammals on earth.

6. Squirrels

Image from Charles Dawley

7. Pandas

Image from Kawaii Case

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  1. wow dude you literally forgot about the squirrels. :(

    1. Not all of us are omnipotent, and I wished I could have your powers. Still, I did forget about both the squirrels and pandas. Thanks for the reminder!