Charles De Gaulle

Don't ask me who's influenced me. A lion is made up of the lambs he's digested, and I've been reading all my life. - Charles de Gaulle
President Gaulle
Charles De Gaulle
Charles De Gaulle rescued his nation, France, not once, but twice. The first time was when Paris was captured by the Germans during World War II - he left France. The second time was when he fixed the government, destroyed the ineffective Fourth Republic, and created the Fifth Republic after withdrawing from Algeria's war for independence.

Charles De Gaulle was a son of a philosophy professor who taught in a Jesuit school who chose the army to be his job and profession. During World War I, Charles De Gaulle became a company commander and was injured more than three times throughout the war. Close to the city of Verdun in France, he was struck by shellfire and later captured by the German Empire.

After the Treaty of Versailles, France hid behind the Maginot Line, which Charles De Gaulle was vehemently opposed to because of its sole defensive strategy. His theories became true in 1940, when the Nazi Panzer Tanks went around the Maginot Line with their Blitzkrieg strategy and took Paris. Charles De Gaulle escaped France on a Royal Air Force plane to London.

Vichy France then condemned him to death as a traitor. When he returned to France after the Battle of Normandy in June 1944, he was welcomed as a prestigious national legend. He began to help France set up the Fourth Republic, but he decided against joining a political party. He said that he was not on the left, nor on the right, nor in the center, but above.

In 1958, the war in Algeria possibly could  have led to a civil war in France. The army, French colonists in Algeria, and various economic companies in France wished for Charles De Gaulle to take power. He demanded the right to rule by decree for 6 months, which was accepted. He always wanted to rid France of its colonial possessions, and offered France's 12 African colonies immediate independence, and a large possible economic association with France. He then faced down the military leaders that helped him to power and made peace with the Algerians.

Finally, in September 1958, De Gaulle submitted a new constitution to the French people that would change the government to a presidential system, creating the 5th Republic of France, and he became the 1st President of the 5th French Republic.

He would make France recognize the People's Republic of China during the Cold War, build relationships with the East bloc, prevent and veto Britain's entry into the Common Market, created nuclear weapons, and exasperated not only enemies, but also allies.

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