Top 5 Places you have to visit in your Lifetime

When it comes to travelling, many of us strive to visit as many places as possible. The truth is that, once you have the travel bug it can be hard to stop – and to visit everywhere that you want to. The great thing about travelling is that there are loads of places to choose from, so whatever type of holiday you want there will be something to suit you.

If you want a relaxing holiday then a beach destination could suit you, or you could go for something a bit more energetic then you could go for mountain climbing or skiing. There is even a massive number of city breaks for you to choose from – the choices are endless!

So where can you go if you are looking for a relaxing holiday that is going to arrive back home with a new lease of life?

1. New York

New York
Nicknamed the city that never sleeps, New York is a great place to visit if you want a city break with a difference. It has been said that New York is like no other city in the world which is probably why it makes the ‘must visit’ like for many people who enjoy travelling.

There are many different reasons to visit New York however the fact that it offers so much is the reason it is so popular. Whether you want to enjoy an afternoon of shopping, take in a show or visit some of the many tourist attractions the city offers, there really is something for everyone.

New York City might not strike you as a city to visit if you are looking for a relaxing break but you couldn’t be more wrong. New York City is a place that offers something for everyone, including relaxing spa afternoons and massage parlors. A break from reality, with the odd spa afternoon thrown in could be exactly what the doctor ordered!

New York, interestingly enough, was one of the 13 original Colonies! In fact, it used to be a Dutch colony, called New Amsterdam!

2. Los Angeles

HollywoodIf you are after a real escape from reality then Los Angeles could well be the place for you. There are so many things that LA offers to help you relax and feel good it is hard to know where to start.

Perhaps one of the nicest things about this part of America is the beaches that it offers. What is more relaxing than being able to spend a few hours on a beach in the sunshine? Not much! This is why visiting Malibu beach and Santa Monica are well worth visiting.

LA is one part of the world that many people who want to be famous flock to. This means that many people here really care what they look like & how they treat their bodies. While you’re here you will see a whole range of alternative health treatments, healthy places to eat and even smoothie bars to visit. It is the perfect way to enjoy a break away from home and give your body a health boost while you are there.

There is a lot to do while you’re here so whatever it is that you enjoy, you will be able to find something that matches your needs – including paying a visit to the infamous Rodeo Drive or even taking a drive to Beverly Hills.

3. Las Vegas

Las VegasAs cities go, Las Vegas is not top of the relaxing holiday destinations list however you’ll be surprised at just how relaxing it can be. There are loads of shows you can watch while in this part of the world, which you wouldn’t see at home. Spending an evening having a lovely dinner & watching a show is the perfect way to recharge your batteries.

While in this part of the world you also have the chance to visit health spas and get health treatments to really help you feel better than ever. Everything here is near each other, so you don’t have to worry about how to get about and do what you really want to do.

4. Hawaii

If you ask a group of people to list their top 3 holiday destinations you’ll more than likely find that Hawaii features on many people’s list. This is because this island of paradise offers so much to help us relax and feel good about ourselves.
The fact that Hawaii is so different to our everyday lives is probably why so many people want to visit here – but with its golden beaches and blue seas it is the ideal place to visit to feel better about ourselves. Our lives are so busy which often leaves us feeling worn out and run down – which is why you need a bit of sunshine and pampering in our lives.

Hotels in Hawaii offer so much including spa treatments, massages and fresh food – so much different from our normal lives. It is a massive change to what we are used to, but a week or two here is the perfect way to feel good about ourselves.

Disney Land5. Florida

If a lack of sunshine is what is getting you down the most then a visit to the sunshine state is a must! For many of us a few days in the sunshine with our friends and family is enough to have you feeling great! Florida is a part of the world full of things to see and do, so whatever the age of the people you are travelling with there will be something to keep you all entertained!

You can take children to Disneyworld or all of you go to Miami just to experience something different. Whatever you decide to do you can guarantee that a few days laughing with your loved ones, while eating nice food and creating new memories will send you home feeling better than ever!

For many people, a holiday anywhere is exactly what they need when it comes to feeling great so have a look at holiday destinations that suit you and get booking today – you won’t regret it! If you can’t stretch to a holiday this year – why not start thinking about booking for next year so you don’t miss out again!

Linda Miller is a freelance writer who is passionate about vacation locations, travel guides and exotic expeditions. She also writes for foxwoods.com; follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

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