The Worldwide Extravaganza - A Trip To Barcelona

Plaça Reial
Plaça Reial
Spain’s second largest city, Barcelona, is something of a breath of fresh air, offering food, culture and of course, football. One of the things that strike you about Barcelona is that it’s very distinctive from other European cities in a lot of ways – it’s sunny for a start. Barcelona beach was listed as number one in a list of the top ten city beaches in the world according to National Geographic and Discovery Channel.
Camp Nou - Largest Stadium in Europe


Football is central to Barcelona and the Catalan city hosts one of the most, if not the most successful team in the whole of world football. Of course, this means a visit to the Camp Nou is a must and something of a pilgrimage for any lover of the game. 

The 100,000 seat stadium is a magnificent sight and if you can get inside for game day, all the better. It's easier to put it this way - the atmosphere is as wonderful as the style of football.

Fundacio Joan Miro

Fundació Joan MiroJoan Miro is lauded in the city and the Fundacio Joan Miro is something of a must see for anyone on a trip here. It’s situated outside the confines of the metropolis, in Montjuic. The museum is filled with the art, tapestries, ceramics and paintings of the great man himself and offers a comprehensive and astounding view of his life and works.

Afterwards you can take a trip to the top of the mountain and look over the city – it’s a romantic and beautiful view.

Sagrada Familia Sagrada Familia

Sagrada FamiliaOf course, Barcelona’s other famous son is Gaudi and the Sagrada Familia is possibly his greatest work. Still unfinished, after 100 years or more of building, this is one of the most extravagant buildings in the world and the sheer scale of the task undertaken is evident within seconds. One word of advice, it’s more extravagant outside than inside, but then again, it would be almost impossible. Of course, Park Guell and other works by Gaudi are also amazing and more than a must when in Barca.


Tapas in Barcelona
Tapas are amazing and the whole concept is one that is understandably loved. Instead of receiving a large meal, you receive lots of small meals. The sheer variety is wonderful and the traditional dishes such as calamari, patatas bravas, meatballs, Spanish omelette and other cuisines is one to delight. Enjoy with some Rioja and with American express platinum travel you’ll be in heaven.


Barcelona is a great place for a night out and clubs there open until the late hours of the morning, meaning a good night can be had by all. However, like most continental places they don’t begin to fill up until 2AM or so. However, Barcelona has a number of world class clubs – check in advance and you may really hit it off before arriving bleary eyed outside to some early morning sunshine.

This Spanish city is a fun, bright and colourful place that offers plenty to do and see and is among the coolest in the world. For those looking for a once in a lifetime trip, to explore the rest of Europe or even for a place to stop before heading on a beach holiday, this could be the city.

Lara Michels has worked for a variety of tourism sites and has been to Barcelona a number of times. 

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  1. Jealous you got to see a soccer match there! I went to the Paris stadium and it was amazing.

    Didn't realize they didn't sell alcohol in the stadiums though...that was a bummer.

    Love the Amex Platinum shoutout...one of my favorite cards!