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Duck? Chicken? Turkey! The History of the Ottoman Empire and Turkey

Rise and Fall of the Ottoman Empire 1300-1923int.gif

The Ottoman Empire was a vast empire, disbanded by World War I, stretching from North Africa, West Asia, and South Asia.

1200's - The Seljuk Turks:

The Seljuk Turks granted a group of Ottoman Turks and their leader, Osman, as a reward for defending the Kingdom from the Mongols. This group of Turks became Osman Turks, and later Ottoman Turks, which created the Ottoman Empire.

1300's - Expansion of the Ottoman Empire.

As the Suljuk Empire fell and declined, the Ottoman Turks, or the Ottoman Empire, began to expand.The Ottoman Empire eventually controlled most of the Anatolian Peninsula (Turkey) by 1451, excluding Constantinople and various other locations.

1400's - Continued Expanse of the Ottoman Empire.

The Ottoman Empire expanded greatlythroughout the world.
In this time period, there were 2 rulers of the Ottoman Empire: Mehmet II (1451-1581) and Selim I (1481-1520)
Mehmet II: After Mehmet II's rule over the Ottoman Empire, the Ottoman Empire controlled most of the Balkans, and extended into the Crimean Peninsula (Ukraine).
Selim, sultan of the Ottoman Empire. took 3 holy cities for the Ottoman Empire - Jerusalem, Medina (Madinah), and Mecca (Makka). Also, Selim of the Ottoman Empire got Northern Algeria (Next to Morocco, centered around Algiers, the current-day capital city). 

1500's - Slowdown of the Ottoman Empire.

The Ottoman Empire at its maximum.
In this time period, there was a large slowdown in the expanse of the Ottoman Empire. The Ottoman Empire was mainly led by Suleyman I the Magnificent in this time period. Suleyman the Magnificent of the Ottoman Empire took Northern Libya, Iraq, and Hungary. After his death, however (9 years after, in 1529), the Ottoman Empire lost at the Battle of Vienna, but the Ottoman Empire still gained Tunisia, more of the Arabian Peninsula, and some parts of Ukraine and the Caucasus.

1600-1900's - Decline.

The Ottoman Empire continued to decline, shown through lots of lost wars (with the exception of the Crimean War, with Russia against the Ottoman Empire). By now, the Ottoman Empire had some European aided counters, such as the Persian EmpireEgypt was similar to an independent country, and later became a British Protectorate. That was until World War I, where the Ottoman Empire was decisively defeated and disbanded into simply Turkey. At that point, there was a revolution, an a republic, which was Turkey, was estabilished. Egypt was lost the the British, Algeria to the French, Syria the the French, Iraq to the British, Palestine to the British (and now the Jews), the Caucasus became independent, and Libya went to Italy.


Turkey is a country, with little territory in the Balkans, and consists of the Anatolia Peninsula. It is bordered by Greece, Bulgaria, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Armena, and multiple other nations. Turkey is a nation in the Goldman Sacchs group called MIST - Mexico, Indonesia, South Korea, and Turkey.