Philippines, Guam, and Cuba to America. The Spanish-American War

The Spanish-American War was fought between the United States and Spain. The United States gained the territory (and now the state) of Florida, Puerto Rico, Guam, the Phillipines, and a lot of islands in the Pacific Ocean, that were formerly Spanish colonies.
The Asian Frontier of the Spanish-American War.
Threatening to consider recognizing Cuba’s belligerent status, and allow the legal rearming of Cuban rebels by U.S. firms, President McKinley sent Stewart L. Woodford to Madrid to negotiate an end to the conflict. 

When PrĂ¡xedes Sagasta became Prime Minister of Spain, negotiations went smoothly. Cuban autonomy was set to begin on January 1, 1898.

The war started in April 25th and ended in August 25th of 1898

Spain in 1898.
Current-Day United States.

McKinley was a leader in this war for the Americans and Maria Christina for the Spanish.

The Republic of Cuba, the Phillipines, and the United States were allied against Spain, and the Captaincy Generals of Cuba, Phillipines, Puerto Rico, and Spain.

Senator Henry M. Teller from Colorado passed the Teller Ammendment to stop the United States from annexing Cuba.

The nascent Republic of the Philippines was re-taken over by the United States, with promises of future independence. The Philippines were scheduled to become independent at around the time of World War II, forcing a delay until after the war was over.

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